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Where to go from here?

2008-09-14 04:27:17 by staind2523

I just submitted my first Flash to Newgrounds, and didn't get that great of score...which was really only expected, obviously...but my question is where should I go now? What should I make? What should I focus on learning? Check out my submission to give you an idea of where my skill level is at. I'm still very new to Flash.

Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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2008-09-18 19:24:31

Go to the sprites! Sprites are easy, and very fun to make, although an unexperienced spriter doesn't get very high scores, a good one like Alvin Earthworm gets really high scores! Go for it, man!

staind2523 responds:

Thank you, I will try those :)


2008-09-20 00:48:46

Thanks for teh advice. Even though you did blam my movie, at least you weren't an ass liek all of the others. :)


2009-02-25 16:53:31

try making a game or something. i make some simple flash games and they do alright here. i'm new to flash too, but i'm okay at actionscript, so i can make crappy drawings do interesting things. that what your looking for?


2009-07-26 17:01:35

I reviewed your flash!